The Marcus Choir Program established their rich tradition of the annual Madrigal Feaste in December of 2007. The Marcus cafeteria is transformed into a medieval castle and dining hall to replicate the Renaissance Feastes held in great halls throughout England. Festivities begin when guests are welcomed by the Royal Court amidst entertainment by choir members featuring a lighthearted play and music from the medieval to renaissance periods. The dinner consists of multiple courses served by the performers as roaming ensembles of musicians entertain. Traditional songs include the Boar’s Head Carol, which is accompanied by the procession of the boar’s head, and the Wassail Song, to which guests are invited to join in on the celebration with a toast. A concert of choral music follows the meal and the evening concludes with an invitation from the Royal Court to enjoy desserts as they mingle among the performers and other guests. The 2016 Madrigal will be Saturday, December 3rd and the following weekend on December 9th & 10th. Tickets go on sale in October 28th. Space is limited. Don’t miss your opportunity to attend!

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