Marcus Choir Students Make Region Choirs!

On Oct. 24th, 50 Marcus Choir students auditioned in the 2nd round of the All State Choir process. We’re very proud to say this year we have 33 students in the Region 2 Region Choirs. We also have a school record 22 students advancing to the 3rd round of auditions in November. Please congratulate these students on their hard work and achievement. The Texas All State process is one of the largest and most prestigious In the country. Many of these students started preparation on these collegiate level pieces in June to prepare for this process.

Students in the Region Treble Choir placed in the top third of their voice part. They are:
Emily B.
Alanna B.
Tatiana B.
Amy D.
Kaylee K.
Kamryn K.
Morgan P.
Faith Q.
Kristin R.
Emily S.
Molly W.

Students that placed in the top 15 chairs on their voice part will advancing to the 3rd round:
Ian A.
Allison A.
Annie Beth C.
Reed B.
Patrick B.
Josh C.
Savannah D.
Kevin D.
Emma E.
Colten E.
Peyton F.
Rachel F.
Analyse G.
Melissa J.
Zach J.
Komal K.
Nathan L.
Jessica O.
Bella O.
Lance R.
Michael S.
Bruno T.

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